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              Microsoft Power BI Training at IT-Gurukul will help you achieve expertise in business analytics. At the end of this course, you will master the concepts like Power BI Desktop, Power BI DAX, Power BI Q&A, Power BI Content packs, Power BI Custom Visuals, Power BI Integrations with Azure Machine Learning and SQL Services.

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Business Intelligence Reporting Training | Microsoft Power BI Training in Mumbai

Course curriculum

  • Power BI Introduction week1
  • Data Visualization, Reporting
    Business Intelligence(BI), Traditional BI, Self-Serviced BI(SSBI)
    Cloud Based BI, On Premise BI
  • Power BI Products
  • Power BI Desktop (Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View)
  • Flow of Work in Power BI Desktop
    Power BI Report Server, Power BI Service, Power BI Mobile
    Flow of Work in Power BI / Power BI Architecture
  • A Brief History of Power BI
  • Building Blocks of Power BI
  • Datasets, Visualizations, Reports, Dashboards, Tiles
  • Power BI Desktop User Interface
  • Fields Pane, Visualizations pane, Ribbon, Views, Pages Tab, Canvas
  • Overview of Power Query / Query Editor – Extract, Transform & Load Data
  • Connecting to Data Sources, Establish connection to the Excel source
  • Importing Data into Power BI or Query Editor
  • Transforming the Data using Power Query
  • Model the Data using Power Pivot – Relationship View
  • Creating New Measures and New Columns using DAX – Data View
  • Visualizing the Data using Power View and Power Maps – Report View
  • Saving and Publishing the Visuals or Reports
  • M language: Advanced Editor – Complete ETL Code
  • Data Transformation, Benefits of Data Transformation 
  • Shape or Transform Data using Power Query
    Overview of Power Query / Query Editor, Query Editor User
  • Append Queries / Union Queries
  • Merge Queries / Join Queries
    • Power Pivot
    • Power BI Data Modeling –
    • Relationship View
  • Enhancing the Data Model – DAX
  • What is DAX,
  • Calculated Column, Measures
  • DAX Table and Column Name Syntax
  • Creating Calculated Columns,
  • Creating Measures
  • Implicit Vs Explicit Measures
  • Calculated Columns Vs Measures
  • DAX Syntax & Operators
  • DAX Operators
  • Types of Operators
  • Arithmetic Operators,
  • Comparison Operators,
  • Text Concatenation Operator,
  • Logical Operators
  • DAX Date & Time Functions
  • DAX Text Functions
  • DAX Logical Functions
  • DAXMath and Statistical Functions
  • DAX Filter Functions
  • DAX Time Intelligence Functions


  • Report View / Power View
  • Filters in Power View
  • Grouping, Binning & Sorting
  • Hierarchies and Drill-Down
  • Power BI Visualizations
  • Visuals for Filtering
  • Visualizing Categorical Data
  • Visualizing Trend Data
  • Visualizing KPI Data
  • Power BI Service Introduction,
  • Power BI Cloud Architecture
  • Creating Power BI Service Account,
  • SIGN IN to Power BI Service Account
  • Publishing Reports to the Power BI service,
  • Import / Getting the Report to PBI Service
  • My Workspace / App Workspaces Tabs
  • Working with Datasets,
  • Creating Reports in Cloud using Published Datasets
  • Working with Workbooks,
  • Working with Reports,
  • Sharing Reports
  • Creating Dashboards
  • Dashboards Development
  • Pin Visuals and Pin LIVE
  • Report Pages to Dashboard
  • Advantages of Dashboards
  • Interacting with Dashboards
  • Adding Tiles to Dashboards
  • Web Content, Image, Text Box, Video
  • Formatting Dashboard
  • Sharing Dashboard
  • Data Gateways
  • Introduction to Data Gateways 
  • How Data Gateways work
  • Row Level Security in Power BI
  • Introduction to Row Level Security
  • Row Level Security (RLS) with DAX
  • Manage Roles,
  • Creating Roles,
  • Testing Roles
  • Adding Members to Roles in Power BI Service
  • Dynamic Row Level Security
  • Creating Users Table and Adding to the Model
  • Capturing users using UserName () or UserPrincipalName () DAX Functions
  • Frequently asked and tricky real-time cases or practical questions
  • Mock Interviews

Power BI Course Syllabus [Includes Data Modelling, Power Query, Visualisations]

Download Course Syllabus


No. Other than an attitude to learn, the participants require no other pre-requisites

Please check syllabus copy….

person with zero programming knowledge or basic excel can understand and gain very good knowledge of Power BI.