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Tableau Course

What is stopping you from becoming a Data Visualization Rockstar...

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About the Course – Mastering Tableau from Scratch: Become a Data Visualization Rockstar

Do you want to become a data visualization and business intelligence (BI) whiz? Perhaps you are unsure which visualization to choose, or how to extract insights from your data. Whatever the reason – this course on Mastering Tableau from Scratch will get you there!

Tableau is the gold standard when it comes to building industry-level dashboards and performing elite-level storyboarding. In fact, Tableau has changed the way industries analyze and present data. No longer do we have to stick to static spreadsheet charts – we can now build interactive and beautiful visualizations and dashboards and share them within your organization in seconds!

Course curriculum for Tableau

Overview of the Course

What is Data Visualization and Why Should we Use it

Exercise – Definition of Data Visualization

Key Elements of Effective Data Visualizations

Exercise – Identify and Explain your Favorite Visualization
Knowing Each Other

  • Instructor Introduction
  • Why Tableau is a Powerful Tool for Professionals
  • What We Will Cover in this Course
  • Compare Tableau Against Power BI and Qlik
  • The Tableau Range of Products
  • The 5 Tableau Products you should Know
  • Installing Tableau Desktop on your System
  • Installing Tableau Public on your System
  • Difference Between Tableau Server and Tableau Online
    • Navigating the Tableau Interface (Part 1)
    • Navigating the Tableau Interface (Part 2)
    • Connecting to Data Sources in Tableau
  • Understanding the Problem Statement
  • Exercise – Hypothesis Generation
  • Download the Superstore Dataset
  • Loading the Dataset and Getting Familiar with the Variables
  • Build your First Visualization in Tableau!
  • Exercise – Modify your Visualization for Superstore
  • Hands-On with Labels and Formatting
  • Playing Around with Colors
  • Using Filters to Build a Pivot Structure in Tableau
  • Exercise – Design State and Segment Wise Pivot
  • Exporting your Tableau Worksheet
  • The Different Chart Types in Tableau
  • Line Charts – Working with Time Series Data
  • Building Line Charts in Tableau
  • Exercise – Sales of Each Category Month-by-Month
  • Generating Map Visualizations for Geospatial Analysis
  • Map Visualizations in Tableau
  • Exercise – Sales by City Analysis
  • Bar Charts, Histograms, Scatter Plots, Bubble Charts, Pie Charts
  • Dual Axis Charts in Tableau
  • Date Dual Axis Charts in Tableau
  • Exercise – Different Chart Types for the Leadership Team
  • What are Calculated Fields?
  • Feature Engineering in Tableau – Average Shipping Time
  • Exercise – Number of Orders per State
  • Calculating the Average Order Value
  • Average Order Value for Product Sub-Categories
  • Exercise – Create new Features for Superstore
  • What are Parameters in Tableau?
  • Using Parameters to find Top N Customers
  • Using Parameters to Analyze Superstore’s Variable Values
  • Exercise – Sales and Profit Parameters
  • Joins and their Different Types in Tableau
  • Performing Data Joining in Tableau
  • What is Blending? How is it Different from Joins?
  • Download the Coffee Chain Dataset
  • Blending Data in Tableau
    • Introduction to Dashboards and their Use Cases
    • Reading Material – Dashboards in Tableau
    • Designing your First Dashboard in Tableau
    • Using Parameters to Create Dynamic Dashboards
    • Exercise – Design a Region-Level Dashboard
    • How to Upload your Work to the Tableau Public Gallery
    • Designing the Blueprint for a Multi-Dashboard View to Analyze Sales
    • Building Multiple Interlinked Dashboards in Tableau for our Business
    • The Art of Storytelling
    • 3-Step Storytelling Framework
    • Sketching the Story Blueprint
    • Profits by Region Analysis using Storyboard in Tableau
    • Exercise – Sales and Profit by Segment using Storyboards in Tableau

Where to go from here?

Attend a Free Demo Session and Meet the Expert Who Can Kickstart Your Career in Tableau

Course Curriculum

  • Data Connection with Tableau Desktop
  • Basic Visual Analytics
  • Calculations in Tableau
  • Advanced Visual Analytics
  • Level Of Detail (LOD) Expressions in Tableau
  • Advanced Charts in Tableau
  • Dashboards and Stories
  • Get Industry Ready
  • In-class Project

No. Other than an attitude to learn, the participants require no other pre-requisites

Please check syllabus copy….


person with zero programming knowledge can understand and gain very good knowledge of Tableau. 

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John Doe
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I learned the Tableau course from IT-Gurukul. It was very interesting and real-time training. I will suggest to all who are seeking opportunity in BI, Data analyst, or data science field can choose this institute to take the course from scratch till project or dashboards designing. Thanks a lot, IT-Gurukul!
John Doe
John Doe@username
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I learned the Tableau course from scratch in a fast-track training session. It was really great training and plenty of doubt sessions were awesome. I got a good opportunity in the BI field now and very much happy for IT-Gurukul. Recommended to all!!
John Doe
John Doe@username
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Really great experience while learning Tableau in IT-Gurukul. Thanks to the trainer and institute for such great training.
John Doe
John Doe@username
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It-Gurukul is one of the best data science institutes in which I have enrolled for Tableau as well as Data Science training. I got really nice job interview experience here. I have attended many Mock interviews here. Really nice assistance and helping staff. Thanks a lot!1