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Top 10+ Tableau Server Interview Questions

  1. What is TABLEAU SERVER and how it differs from the TABLEAU DESKTOP?
    Tableau server is one of the products of tableau used for publishing the reports and share with users where users will use it for visual intelligence purposes. Tableau Desktop is an application to create and update new reports.
  2. What is the minimum RAM required to install the TABLEAU Server? 
    •     32 GB (PRODUCTION)
    •     8 GB (NON-PRODUCTION)
  3. What are the different types of user authentications available in the TABLEAU Server?   
    In the TABLEAU server, there are 2 types of USER authentication.

  4.  Is it possible to change user authentication within one single installation or not? 
    NO, it is not possible.
  5. What are the different ways to handle cache in the TABLEAU Server?
    In the TABLEAU server CACHE can be configured in 3 ways.

    1. Refresh Less Often
    2. Balanced
    3. Refresh More Often
  6. Explain different server processes available in the TABLEAU Server?
    The different Server Processes available in TABLEAU SERVER are

    1. VIZQL Server
    2. Application Server
    3. Background Server
    4. Data Server
    5. Data Engine
    6. Repository
    7. File Store
    8. Cache
    9. Search and Browse
    10. Gateway
      These Server Processes will control the complete Tableau Server Operations.
  7. What is an Alert and how to configure alerts in the TABLEAU Server?        
    Alert is a process of knowing the Tableau server-status automatically in the form of an email whenever the server gets down. To configure this, we need an SMTP server.
  8. What is Subscription and how to configure subscriptions in TABLEAU Server?
    Subscription is a process of sending the content to the subscribers automatically to their emails. To configure Subscriptions, we need SMTP server details.
  9. What is SAML and what SAML will do?
     SAML allows secure web domains to exchange user authentication and authorization data. SAML is used to configure the Single Sign on (SSO), it is possible to access multiple servers with single login.
  10. What is SSO and what are the different ways to configure SSO?
    SSO is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials to access multiple authentications.
  11. What are the different site roles available in the TABLEAU Server?
    The different Site roles available in Tableau Server are

    1. Interactor
    2. Viewer
    3. Un Licensed
    4. Un Licensed (Can Publish)
    5. Viewer (Can Publish)
    6. Publisher (Interactor+ Can Publish)
    7. Server Admin
    8. Site Admin
  12. Can Interactor able to publish the visualizations or not?
    NO, Interactor site role user cannot able to publish the visualization.
  13. How to keep the Users in Inactive mode?
    By assigning Un Licensed site role to the user.
  14. Can content in one project will be visible for all the users or not?
    YES, it will be visible to all users.

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