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Options to create Parameters in Tableau…

Are you struggling to make your dashboards dynamic?

Confused about Parameter creation like how to create or where or when to create parameters in Tableau?

Please read this article to get a full understanding of where can we create Parameters and start practicing it now…

Several ways to create parameters in Tableau:

While creating Filter:

Image for post


While creating sets:

Image for post


While creating Bins: 

Image for post


Also, you can create a parameter by right-clicking on the dimension as below image: 

Image for post

If you want your reference lines to be parameterized then just right click on the axis on which you want to add a reference line and click on Create a new parameter

Image for post

I hope you have got a good idea about the ways where I can create parameters in Tableau.

If you want to learn use cases of Tableau Parameters then please read my this article here:

Tableau Parameters Problems Solving Tips and Tricks


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