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Tableau Interview Questions asked in recent Tableau Interviews

Recently I faced many interviews for tableau developer and reporting analyst in Accenture, Marsh Maclennan, General Mills, BNP Paribas, Unifrax, TCS, Deloitte, and Prudential.

The interviewer asked the below questions in all interviews. Sometimes they are just asking about your project and responsibilities and if they found you from the same working conditions like domain, technology then they will not ask further questions.

But if there are many rounds like a basic technical interview, Advanced technical Interview then there are more chances to ask the below questions.

So be prepared for the Tableau technical round Interview questions just by overviewing the below questions.

Just read the below questions and try to answer them yourself then you will definitely crack your interview. Check below the list of Tableau Interviews I had faced in my interviews.

You can take the help of my recent blog on medium.com to answer these questions:

Tableau Interview questions asked in recent interviews:

  1. Explain your day-to-day life activities in the company you are working in. Answer
  2. What are the projects you worked on and what is your responsibilities and role? Answer
  3. What are the KPIs you have defined in your dashboard? Answer
  4. Are you working in a team or an individual contributor?
  5. What are the parameters? Explain any case where you have used parameters in your project?
  6. What are the types of filters in tableau?
  7. What is a context filter?
  8. What is the difference between parameters and filters?
  9. What is the difference between group and set in tableau?
  10. What is an extract?
  11. Difference between Live and Extract database connection.
  12. What are the advanced charts you worked on?
  13. What is the difference between dimensions and measures?
  14. What is LOD? Explain with examples.
  15. Can you explain any issue or biggest problem you have faced while working on a project and how you approach that problem?
  16. Why do you want to do your career in Tableau or reporting or visualization?
  17. How to optimize the performance of the dashboard in tableau?
  18. How are you publishing reports to clients?
  19. Have you ever done testing of your reports?
  20. What are the different databases you have used?
  21. If you are using SQL then please prepare for some basic queries like clauses, where, select, having, group by, order by, sort by, aggregation functions, etc.
  22. What are the new features in Tableau’s latest version?
  23. What are the action filters in tableau?
  24. How will you use parameters with a set?
  25. What is the difference between joining and blending?
  26. What are the different types of joins used in tableau?
  27. When to use cross-database join?
  28. What is the difference between data blending and cross-database join in Tableau?
  29. What is custom SQL in Tableau?
  30. What is scheduled refresh and incremental refresh?

This is a rare question interviewer may ask- How is tableau server migration done from on-premises computers to VM in the cloud? Have you done it at all? For answer click here.

If needed, you can take help of my YouTube videos to get best answers of these questions.

These questions are asked in recent interviews.

Please follow me for more information and comment if you need more from me.

Happy Learning!!

Thank You!

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