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Show me Section in Tableau…

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Extending to these terms and concepts I will explain one of the most important terms in a tableau that is the Show me section. If you are a beginner or Tableau learner or even experienced, you must know this helpful and well automated term in tableau.
Show me section is located at the top right corner of the Tableau worksheet where you can see almost 24 charts.

Show me section in Tableau

If we want to create any of the chart listed in this list of show me section, then we need to click on the respective chart in the list where we can see the required dimensions and measures. So that we can pull those dimensions or measures from the data. Now after clicking on the chart in the show me section that chart will be built or created easily without any hassle or manual efforts.

This is a very easy method to create a chart or a visual in tableau first time. 

I can create these charts manually in Tableau but for that, I need to follow structured steps to create designs or these charts. Also, it is time-consuming sometimes. But if I use the Show me section to create some basic charts then it will be really helpful for everyone using Tableau as well as it will be a time-saving process.

This technique is pretty useful for tableau beginners or tableau learners.

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Thank you!!

Happy Learning!!

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