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Top most frequently asked Tableau Interview Questions…

5 minutes before Tableau interview…

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If you are preparing for a tableau interview/Tableau developer Job/Job in Business Intelligence/Real-Time case study in Tableau, Please invest your few seconds to read the below content –

It will really helpful to crack your interview and I have discussed a few Tableau questions which are
99% asked by the interviewer in the Technical round of interviews.

You can say these questions are my experiences…

Let’s talk about Interview Questions and How to answer any of these questions ineffective and analytical way.
1. What is the difference between .twb vs .twbx in tableau?
2. Difference between live and extract database connection?
3. Difference between set and group?
4. What is a hierarchical field?
5. What are the filters in tableau?

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I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

Happy Learning!!!

Thank You!

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