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What are the KPIs you have defined in your dashboards?

Want to be a Domain Expert or a Technology Expert? 

Here is some basic understanding about domain…

 Tableau interview

In Tableau’s technical round of interview, I can see these types of questions are always repeated after your project explanation. I had discussed earlier How to explain your project in an interview?

KPIs are Key Performance Indicators, The KPIs you are telling while explaining projects should better match your project and should not be fuzzy. KPIs should be well defined, well-formulated, or relevant to the domain.

So, when you are answering this question, you should follow the hierarchy of KPIs. As some higher-level KPIs to more granular level KPIs.

Starting from landing page level KPIs i.e., Higher level KPIs to tabular level KPIs i.e., finer level KPIs.

For example,

If my project domain is Retail, then I will configure with some retail industry KPIs like market share trend analysis, YTD sales, percentage sales growth, profit percentage, target samples per product, percentage reach, etc. and many more like customer Lifetime value, Overall effectivity, Top N customers, etc.

If you want to define the different domain project KPIs like the Pharma domain, then there will be some different KPIs that are majorly used for pharma businesses. The KPIs for example, Prescription based KPIs like new prescriptions and old prescriptions, samples sales, sales rep target, Target Achievement, Time of territory, Growth percentage, Market analysis, Patients KPIs, Payor’s KPIs, Hospitals data KPIs, Doctors KPIs, etc.

There may be many other domains you are working on. Be specific about this question to tell the KPIs defined.

Hope I covered almost all which is needed to answer this question very carefully and effectively.

While answering Project questions, follow the hierarchy as I have explained in my last blog.

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Happy Learning!!

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I hope you enjoyed reading the article.

Be a domain expert…

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