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Explain your day-to-day life activities in the company you are working in…

Who said The first impression is the last impression?

So In every interview, always this is the first question interviewer asks…

Make sure you have already prepared for it… Interested??? Read on…

On-demand of you guys I have published common tableau interview questions. To fulfill your requests I am starting to explain the answers to each and every question which I have listed here.

So feel free to ask any questions you have in mind and if you want to add in my answers.

Now I will start here,

This question is not for freshers but this is basically for an experienced candidate who has already worked for either an analytics project or CRM project or Reporting analyst project.

Your day-to-day life activities in your company which you are working to be like what are your daily responsibilities which you need to complete in your project.

So here you need to explain what you are doing from start to end of your project. You should explain the below things to answer this question effectively:

Requirement gathering

managing stakeholders

Understanding Business Requirement documents(BRD)

Understanding Backend/Databases/Data understanding

Analyzing Data

Defining Key Performance Indicators(KPI)

Creating wireframes

Deciding visuals according to business logic or business requirements

Designing interactive dashboards

Scheduling refreshes

Publishing reports/dashboards on server

Managing permissions to different users on the server(this will be for the candidatures who are applying for tableau server admins jobs) also you should know this theory.

And many more we are doing but you should highlight at least these responsibilities in your answer. You can include some of these in your resume also. It will make more sense to the interviewer to understand your exact profile.

Hope this will help you in your future interviews, So guys please feel free to add more if you think.

Please follow me for more articles like this.

Click to go to the questions list.

Thank You! Happy Interviewing!!

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