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What are the projects you worked on and what are your responsibilities and roles?

Highlight your majorly working domains and projects you worked on…

Tableau Interview Questions List

Project Steps to explain in the Interview:

To answer this question, you need to highlight the projects and responsibilities you had been taken while working on your projects as well as the reporting tool like Tableau or Power BI or any testing tool you had used.

Suppose you have worked for clients like pharma domain, retail or e-commerce domain then you should tell the domain names for which you had worked or for whom you are been working right now. Followed by domain name, tell from which data vendors you are getting the domain-specific data and then speak on the pipeline of your project like what process you have followed in this project e.g., Client management, data pulling, ETL, data modeling, KPI defining, dashboarding, Going live, etc. whatever your process is… this is how you need to explain from start to end highly.

Then if you have worked on different dashboards, then explain the end-to-end process you have followed and done in projects.

Keep in mind the below steps while explaining:

Step1: Understand the business

Step2: Get your Data

Step3: Explore and clean your Data

Step4: Define KPIs

Step5: Build helpful visualizations

Step6: Test

Step7: Get powerful Insights or predictions

For example, explain one project you have deeply worked or which ever you are most familiar with. then start with data pulling, KPIs names, then which KPIs you have used on your landing page mostly landing page contains high level KPIs or those KPIs which can be used in general. Then try to explain each and every page of your report that you have designed for your customer. Do not forget to tell the audience of your each and every dashboard designed. And visuals you have choosed to fulfill the business requirement.

Now after explaining dashboards or reports try to explain how you have done AB testing of your code or calculations or KPIs and data testing and visual testing. So for testing purposes which databases you have used and any tool you have used for testing.

Then the interviewer might asks further questions on your project or technical questions he is interested in.

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Hope this helps to improve your answer to the above question in the list.

Please comment if you think more or if you want some more explanation on any point.

Happy learning! 

Thank you!

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